Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Michael Craig Men's Grooming

I usually take photos of significant events, but I wasn't there yesterday and am using the website photos on Michael Craig's site. My husband has been going to Michael Craig since June of last year. When we first moved here, he tried a place by Union Station and came home with one sideburn longer than the other. He switched to a place on 8th Street and was nicked and cut. Once he found Michael Craig, he is a happy camper. Our nine year old grandson's barber left town and he was in search of a new place. So his parents asked grandpa to get the grandson a haircut where grandpa goes - Michael Craig. So grandpa made an appointment and the adventure began. After school, he brought the grandson for his first real haircut experience. Apparently it was delightful for him. They treated him like a gentleman, asked him how he would like his hair styled, asked him if he would like something to drink, spent a great deal of time with him. (Like most of the hair salons I have gone to all my life!) He came home beaming and loved his new haircut. It may be a little more expensive, but well worth it. Best of all, Mom liked it too. Highly recommended!

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