Sunday, March 3, 2013

Moby Dick's New Leaf

Moby Dick is our betta fish. He replaced our 100 pound Russian Wolfhound, Tatiana. When you live in a small place, the options for pets are somewhat limited. Sometimes it feels like caring for this tiny thing takes more work than a huge dog. Because he likes to sit on leaves of some sort, it was necessary to replace the old ones, which were collecting a lot of algae, with a new strand of something. So I stole the greens my husband has been caring for that were sitting in a vase of water hanging on the wall, and replaced them with Moby's leftovers. This fish is very curious and likes to explore, and so it was with the new leaf. They say bettas have personalities, and we were surprised to find that is indeed the case. He really doesn't ask for much, and goes out of his way to get and retain our attention. He's just too small to hug!

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