Sunday, March 24, 2013

Recycled Squirrel

I always think it is odd when out of towners take pictures of squirrels. After all, they are a dime a dozen. In Milwaukee, they were all over our huge backyard and annoyed the birds to no end. But if you find animals charming or cute, sometimes you get caught up in the same trap. A while back DCBlogs picked up my entry about this same subject... jt was amazing how close a camera buff got to one of the rodents in front of the Museum of Natural History. Today we took a walk to the Botanic Garden. Right before we exited the First Ladies Garden, I noticed something scurrying around the recycle trash can. And there he was, paying no attention to us, but it looked like he was behind bars in a jail. My husband wondered what would happen if he fell we stayed a few feet away to catch a photo of the little rat and see what might transpire. Unfortunately, too many people - including very loud children - were entering this same space and wanted to see what had caught our attention. I'm still struck how fearless these creatures are. But when you're hungry, it's amazing what you'll put up with, until a bunch of shrieking children show up. That's enough to scare anyone.

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