Saturday, March 2, 2013


I'm not much for water sports. In Connecticut, our family went to Rocky Neck Beach. We have pictures of my brother and me sitting on the blanket - no where near the water. Growing up in Florida, I liked going to the beach, but only to sit on the sand and absorb the sunshine. In Wisconsin we had a view of Lake Michigan a couple blocks from our house and enjoyed driving along Lake Drive, but never went near the water there either. Here in DC, the George Washington Parkway runs along the Potomac River. Even though it was only 37 degrees today, the rowers were out in full force, along with a couple fisherman and kayakers. It all looks very nice and interesting, but I'm happy to let everyone else enjoy the water from that perspective. We may not like being in the water, but we've always lived in places that were located by it. And that suits us just fine.

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