Thursday, March 7, 2013

Voluntary Furlough

When I came to work this morning there was a notice to employees about voluntary leave without pay. Because of sequestration, our organization is expecting that all staff take three days/ 24 hours of furlough between April and September. For some that may be difficult. For others, a wish come true. I'm just glad it's out there as an option for those who have an interest in taking more time off. When you get to be my age, working full time for over thirty five years without a break, with many part time jobs from sixteen on, it's a reprieve. In health care we were always managing the expenses and I personally recommended many consolidations and closures. All areas were expected to be productive, and spans of control were significantly greater than what I see now. People worked a wide variety of shifts to enhance flexibility, increase morale, and meet the need. So this notification is something I am very familiar with. It should have happened a lot sooner, and should continue without a deadline.

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