Monday, April 15, 2013

A Capitol Visitor Center Tour

Our out of town guests were leaving this afternoon and decided a visit to the Capitol this morning would be more interesting than the Newseum. And it ended up being a complete visit in spite of the huge crowds. I had old gallery tickets from a few years ago that I successfully traded in for some new tickets for both the House and Senate. I always wear my Library of Congress work badge, so maybe that helped. Usually you need to get the passes at your Representative or Senator's office. The Senate was not in session so we visited the House Gallery. Unfortunately there was no action on the floor. But the movie, the tour of the Capitol, and the exhibits were well worth the time. I oftentimes take an afternoon walk to the Capitol Visitor Center in the afternoon. But it is so much nicer to bring guests to the Capitol. It is indeed an impressive place - even if you've been there as many times as we have.

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