Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bloglovin LITs Living on Capitol Hill

There was a curious item on an Internet search that showed my blog was connected to Bloglovin'. I checked it out and it looked really nice - particularly because I always use a few photos to help express my thoughts. I was even more pleased to see a couple followers. Because I had never heard of Bloglovin' I looked up the app. Apparently when you choose to follow a blog, it will let you know when it was updated. If you look at several blogs, this could be helpful as it keeps everything in one place. And it also suggests others blogs. It seems like I'm learning something new every day, which isn't hard to do. And that has nothing to do with where you live. One of our recent out of town guests from Milwaukee always keeps up with electronic gizmos and such. I'm happy to report that he had nothing on me.

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