Monday, April 22, 2013

Capitol Hill Patio Planting Season

Since the bulb plantings are about done for the season it was time to start thinking about annuals and vegetables. The white multi petal tulips are withered and dried up and the daffodils are long gone. So we took a ride to American Plant. To our surprise the tomato plants were already out, but it's still too early for the cucumbers and peppers. The impatiens have some kind of blight problem this year so we were forced to make alternate choices. In the end we got three bags of mulch, 3 tomato plants, and a few odds and ends. Our little patio has a great southern exposure and it is well protected from the elements. Even though it is no where near the one acre lot of our Milwaukee home, my muscles and bones didn't quite like the exercise. I don't miss the upkeep of a big lot and several gardens, but didn't expect this tiny space to make me feel the same. The next plantings may be big stones and all perennials!

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