Friday, April 12, 2013

Dr. Ulrich Marzolph and the Scroll

This was a week for walking to the Jefferson Building from the Madison Building, where I work at the Library of Congress. Yesterday I wanted to see the Thomas Jefferson documents that were on display for his 270th birthday anniversary. I liked his macaroni machine sketch mixed in with an inaugural address, letters from Abigail Adams, Lafayette, and the Lewis and Clark maps. My husband likes to attend the Middle Eastern Division lectures and events, so we attended one about a Shiite Pilgrimage scroll from Qajar, Iran. One interesting perspective was that we have actually been to Mashad, Iran - one of the elements on the scroll and part of the presentation. The speaker was quite articulate, and I could only imagine that he is fluent in more than three languages. I can barely get by using one. We then walked back to the Madison cafeteria for lunch. On the way, I always have to stop and check out the Great Hall, which is bustling this time of year with visitors from all over the world. If one has to work, this is probably one of the best places because of what and where it is located. And meeting my husband for lunch is even better.

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