Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Third Birthday IPad

What has the IPad done for me? It has literally changed my life! Three years ago I got my first IPad. I just knew it was a gadget that made sense for people like me. One of the first apps I got was Sketchbook Pro. It reignited my interest on art - without the mess. Since then, I have written two children's books that were published by StoryChimes and are in the ITunes Store; with the help of a colleague created my own personal website; displayed art in The Library of Congress and the Clara Barton National Historic Site; have a "gallery" of dog and cat portraits at the Wagtime Too Shop on Capitol Hill across from the Old Navy Yard on M Street; opened an Etsy Shop and have had portraits commissioned from as far away as Australia; opened Zazzle and Fine Art America Shops; created 4 You Tube Videos; set up eight Pinterest Boards; created a Facebook "business" page; was a winner in The New Yorker 2012 Eustace Tilley contest; and use Twitter to communicate all the above. Aside from that, my 90 year old mom uses her IPad to read and send email messages, and my sister finally broke down and got one this year. I can't tell you how many friends have been influenced by my enthusiasm, and we take the devices along on every trip! My husband now religiously uses my first generation IPad, and I'm anxiously waiting for whatever the next evolution brings. I've ways loved gadgets, but this one takes the cake. Happy Birthday!

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