Monday, April 29, 2013

Pipe Repairs - Stay Away From This One

As with most old buildings there is a tendency to require plumbing and pipe services, and typically without warning. Even though we have routine annual maintenance on our HVAC system, things break. And if you have upstairs neighbors, events are even more unpredictable. So we called upon this company for help, at the suggestion of the building management company. I understand that services rendered require payment. But this is ridiculous. The red flag should have gone up when the company required us to complete a form and provide a credit card number before even knowing what the issue was. But it became more irritating when they charged close to $500.00 for doing ten minutes of work, and the problem wasn't even resolved. They wanted to come back and charge another visit fee. My husband rarely gets ticked off, but he couldn't help himself this time. The phone call resulted in a reduced but still outlandish charge. He even helped the repairman do the work because it would have been possible to do alone. These are the times when I really miss having our go to repair guy in Milwaukee. He was there within five minutes and always managed to fix the problem, and didn't charge anything like this. My husband removed many an appendix for less than that!

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