Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reddit, DC Blogs, and My Parking Blog Entry

Now I know how it feels to have words taken out of context! But if it results in over a thousand hits on my blog, I really don't mind. DC Blogs noted my blog entry about a parking mess this week. Someone posted the link on Reddit, and to be quite honest, I didn't know what Reddit was. So I did some checking. It became the source of the astronomical activity on my blog today. So I enthusiastically watched and read the comments. At this point in time, I have more up votes than down votes. Usually I try to connect any entry with a comparison to the Midwest, which is the whole idea behind the blog. And more often that not, the subject matter is positive in spite of the really stupid things I observe around here. I find it all quite interesting. It seems parking and living on Capitol Hill generates a lot of attention - and this is a very unexpected result. I am very grateful that we live where we live, both now and before now. But the car in the photo wasn't even mine! And regardless of where I live, I still miss my two car garage!

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