Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Time Scaffolding, Backhoes, and Construction

You know it is Spring as soon as you start to drive around town - and it doesn't matter where you go. Right outside the House Office Buildings on Washington Avenue the street has been torn up and traffic diverted; all along Independence Avenue one of the Smithsonian Museums continues with the renovation that started over a year ago; the Washington Monument is almost completely covered now for what will be a long term project related to earthquake damage repair; along the Rock Creek Parkway the backhoes are blocking the way; the South African Embassy sign along Massachusetts Avenue says open in Spring - but I doubt it; more street problems in front of the Air and Space Museum; another big dig by the Nationals Stadium; and more scaffolding and traffic diversions by the Navy Yard. That was our route today. And a very easy theme to write about!

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