Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Persian Cat - Again!

Yesterday it was noted that my Zazzle Shop Persian Cat image randomly appeared on the front page of The Washington Post while I happened to be looking at it. Today I was searching for someone's name on the Internet and something familiar appeared again in the advertising section on the top of the page. There was that darn cat again - except this time it was all cat. Yesterday it was someone else's T shirts and one cat image. I'm not sure how it happens - I'm sure the computer just knows it is me. I'm hoping everyone else is seeing the same thing I am. The cat belongs to a friend of a friend who had the work commissioned. It's nice to know he can get the image in a variety of formats! That is why I like digital art so much, and I am pleasantly surprised when I see it keep popping up out of no where!

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