Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yards Park Capitol Riverfront

We haven't taken a walk towards Yards Park since before winter. Things have changed a lot since we moved to DC. On the way over, a whole neighborhood of new home and apartment options abound. Restaurants are springing up, and shopping options are on the way. A new Harris Teeter has broken ground. The river walk along the Anacostia now takes you to Nationals Stadium. The azaleas are in full bloom. It was very peaceful and scenic as we headed toward the Navy Yard. Folks were out biking, walking their dogs, or having a picnic. The architectural elements are very artistic - the benches look like waves, and the bridge reminds me of the Calatrava Art Museum in Milwaukee. It's a big difference on a Sunday afternoon compared to the bustle and noise of the work week. Every direction from our house on Capitol Hill takes us to an interesting place. And this way is getting better all the time.

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