Monday, May 13, 2013

Fred W. Smith - George WashingtonNational Library

It's been awhile since we rode past the construction site of the George Washington Library. It is located right across the street from Mount Vernon. It is expected to open this year, although it is a rare occurrence that these things ever meet a deadline. As an aside, there is a condo project going on called the Maples on Capitol Hill. It was supposed to be ready for occupancy now, but has been pushed back to winter 2014. It is one of the oldest buildings on Capitol Hill, and George was once a visitor there. But I digress... I really like visiting Mount Vernon and the grounds and estate. I'm certain the Library will become an interesting place to see, particularly if you are really interested in the subject matter. There will even be a residence for visiting scholars. If you haven't visited Mount Vernon since it was overhauled back in 2006, it's really worth the trip.

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