Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gershwin, Carole King, and a Bouquet

Carole King is the fifth recipient of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. I had her Tapestry album in college - but now I have an even closer connection! Yesterday, the Library shut down the building to prepare for the Gershwin event last evening. I work in a Division with a department where staff of the Public Programs Services prepares for, attends, and manages special events. Today, on the desk of one of my colleagues, sits a beautiful bouquet of flowers that was at the event, brought over by one of the Public Program staff this morning. It may have been the same ones on Ms. King's table for all I know. It is a stretch, but interesting to think about a connection that germinates in flowers. Unfortunately, we don't get to attend these high visibility events, but it is not unusual to run in to folks that look more than just familiar. If all else fails you can just walk over to the Gershwin exhibit in the Jefferson Building and feel the history. It's more than I can say than when I worked at health care institutions for thirty years. I don't recall hearing or seeing anyone well known in the arts or otherwise. If those flowers could talk, what do you think they saw or heard last night? (The picture of the Gershwin information is from the Library's website.)

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