Friday, May 31, 2013

Great Falls Tavern in McLean and the Housing Market

We thought we would take a ride towards Great Falls and to The Tavern Restaurant for lunch. We have been there a few times - generally after a visit to the Falls. It is a very scenic and pleasant ride through "horse country," as the landscape is blotted with white fences. This trip we passed the falls and went right for lunch. It is striking that the house building market is in full swing. Most of the places here are surrounded by locked gates at the entrance, and clusters of mailboxes can be seen every so many blocks. Our house is smaller than the garages in these mansions. I think our house is smaller than a guest bedroom. What I find surprising is that there are still electric wires polluting the landscape. And whenever there is a storm, the trees that abound in the forests surrounding these places always seem to fall on them. So, at least we have an advantage over this part of town - our electric lines are buried under ground. And, our mailbox is a few feet from our front door. But then again, what really comes in the mail anymore? I suppose it doesn't matter if it sits there for awhile.

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