Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hill Rag Wall Art

Last month I did not post a blog entry about Hill Rag until almost the last week. So I figured I better get the May issue back on schedule. Rather than show the publication gracing our TV room as rotating wall art, this time we get to the source of the matter. We pick up our issue at any of the new aqua boxes found on a number of street corners all around the neighborhood. This one happens to be on Pennsylvania Avenue and Second Street SE. I'm not a fan of print matter anymore. I much prefer digital versions of everything. But I do like to page the paper each month for real estate updates and to learn more of the local news and events about town. It really is the front cover that always gets my attention and we do actually hang it on the wall every month for a change of pace. And I've mentioned this more than a few times.... How can I get something of mine on the cover?

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