Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Police Week

When I saw the kilts I knew something was up. When they were followed by the men and women in blue I remembered it was Police Week. Apparently they were all heading toward the Capitol South Metro stop following a memorial service on the west lawn of the Capitol Building grounds. Even though this was just a small reminder, it's good to celebrate those who keep us safe. That happens every year in May. Folks from all over the country come to DC to celebrate and remember. Last year we saw about 20 LAPD motorcycle police sitting in front of Ford's Theatre. None of my family were police people, but two of my uncles were firemen - one in Boston, and one in Fall River- Massachusetts. I see the Capitol Police, the Metro Police, and the DC Police every day because of the neighborhood we live in and the place I work. Thank you for keeping us safe!

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