Saturday, June 8, 2013

Capitol Hill Allergy Flower Power

Washington is the best place to grow just about anything. Along with that it is said that if you arrive in this town without allergies, you will invariably have some within five years. My husband had a hint of allergies before we moved, but now they are full blown. Given all the water problems in these old buildings, and the pollen count in spring, it is not hard to guess the source. But it is difficult to believe that these beautiful vines and petals have anything to do with feeling lousy. Every time we walk though the neighborhood, it is a feast for the eyes. Our little patio garden is already overgrown given the perfect weather conditions on the south side of the house with east and west exposure. The cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes popping up in between the hydrangea are a source of interest for both us and the visiting feathered friends. But whenever he weeds this little garden a bit, or cuts the clematis vines, or just sits outside to have a sip of wine, the allergies or whatever it is comes back in full force. I suppose everyone has to pay something for all this beauty and bounty. I wonder when it will be my turn?

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