Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lisa Schreiber's Wagtime Too

Across the street from the historic Navy Yard on M Street SE is Wagtime Too. The original establishment is located on 9th Street NW by the convention center. If you have a dog or cat, this is the place to go for boarding, daycare, grooming, adopting, and assorted other good stuff for your pets. We had two dogs in our family over the years in Milwaukee - Natasha, a Golden Retriever, and Tatiana, a Borzoi. Since we moved to DC, a dog was replaced with a tiny Betta fish. moby Dick is quite social, and seems to require as much attention as the hounds. Lisa Schreiber, the owner, so graciously allowed me to fill a "gallery wall" of sorts at the shop with dog and cat portraits. Whenever I finish a couple hand drawn digital portraits, I mat them on foam board and hang 'me up on the wall with Velcro. The dogs and cats are from as far away as Australia and Iran, California, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, and of course Wisconsin. The one thing in common is utter love for a pet and I am more than happy to capture the moment. Thanks Lisa for the space - I really appreciate it! 

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