Monday, July 15, 2013

Jane Austen and Winchester Cathedral

I usually stay away from the typical touristy places and we are fortunate to have friends that can take us to interesting spots off the beaten path. We left our friends in Buckinghamshire and joined our friends from the US and drove to Winchester. There, the most important author - to me- died and is buried. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel and we have watched the PBS version more times than I can count. So it was with a great deal of respect that we visited Winchester Cathedral that is Jane Austen's final resting place. We also saw the house where she died and observed along the paths we walked the scenes she must have observed. What a treat to be in this place. My only complaint is that we are croaking from the heat as there is no air conditioning or fan. It is called the Wykeham Arms. I didn't like him in the novel and I definitely don't like him now, even though I am sure the name is purely coincidental. For this alone I miss the good 'ole US of A. I'm simply too practical to travel outside of it!

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