Tuesday, July 9, 2013

LinkedIn Connections

One way to stay in touch with close colleagues, not so close colleagues, and even people we hardly know but may want to know better is through LinkedIn. Since we moved from Milwaukee to DC, it's been a great way to connect without getting too friendly - not every one is a "Facebook Friend." And since it is so easy, it kinda makes it fun. My connections include classmates from high school, college, and everything in between my first job to the current one. What I find interesting are those who choose not to connect or completely ignore you compared to those who do. What you may have thought about someone can sometimes be very different! I contacted a very well known influential physician in Milwaukee last week that both my husband and I know who responded to my inquiry within 20 minutes. My husband found an Idaho drivers license, contacted the individual who owns it, and he still hasn't stopped by to pick it up. He was even disturbed that we found his phone number. Not that these examples are the same, but one sure sign of a responsible person is getting back to you within a reasonable amount if time regardless of the connection. It's beginning to feel like a lost art - especially in this town. 

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