Monday, July 29, 2013

The Best Use For Magazines

We have embraced the digital age. We no longer have bookshelves with hundreds of books that collect dust, nor piles of magazines on every flat surface in the house. Both my husband and I have iPads that we use for everything. The only magazine I kept was the issue of the New Yorker that coincides with my 2012 Eustace Tilley win. The hard copy of The Hill Rag gets changed over every month and is used as wall art in our tv room. The most recent edition of a magazine cover that will remain unnamed is used for an even more practical purpose. Rather than wear eye shades, it is used as a head cover of sorts during afternoon nap time. It's just the right weight and keeps out the light. When it gets worn it is replaced by the next copy. Who would have ever imagined? 

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