Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Case of the Missing Idaho Driver's License

On the way home from his walk yesterday my husband came upon a scrap of paper on the sidewalk. Upon closer inspection it was an Idaho driver's license. Being the good citizen that he is, my husband wanted to contact the owner and let him know the license was found. So he first called the police department and they told him he could bring the license to the station, hand it to any police officer, or mail it to the recipient. None of these were acceptable because my husband wanted to put the guy's mind to rest. So he googled the name and called the number associated with Boise. When he reached the individual, he wanted to know how my husband found his number rather than at least act somewhat appreciative. It appears this person moved close to where we live and said he would stop by and pick it up last evening. Last evening came and went. This person from Idaho has already taken on the DC attitude and obviously doesn't need his license in any hurry. So much for being a good citizen and going the extra mile. I've never met anyone from Idaho. They say the first encounter leaves a lasting impression. Maybe there will be a chapter two to this story.

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