Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Baby?

We just returned from a ten day trip to England. My head is still there and my stomach is somewhere in between here and there.  We are not very good travelers and it will take a month to readjust to the eastern time zone. When we first arrived there we waited in the bar at the bed and breakfast we were staying until our friends came to pick us up. Last year we happened to be in England during the Queen's Jubilee celebration. I thought for sure we would be there for the royal birth. Having been out of the loop the previous twelve hours we asked our bartender if she had heard any news about the event, and she didn't hardly know what we were talking about. At the train station the next day, there was one cover story mixed in with all the others. In the end we missed the event by two days. I think we Americans get more out of these celebrations than the locals do, if you take that one response as typical. 

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