Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Capitol View from the Meeting Room

This morning I had a meeting up on the sixth floor of the Library of Congress Madison building. Upon entering the room it seemed a lot smaller than usual with all the curtains closed. I almost get claustrophobic when I know the sun is out when I'm stuck inside, but in order to see the presentation the room must be dimmed. Afterwards I had to have a peek from the windows because the view is just so appealing. From the south I could see our house just two blocks away and Virginia beyond. From the west was the roof of the Canon Office Building with the Capitol dome in the distance. It's not hard to reason why the drapes would be closed even without a TV screen. I know I would be daydreaming the whole time with this scene to gaze upon. I never had a view like this in any meeting room in Milwaukee. It is quite magnificent. 

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