Friday, September 13, 2013

Chadwick's in Alexandria

We used to go here quite regularly when we first moved to DC. We really like Alexandria, but lately have been spending more time in McLean. It is also the area one can go and get tickets for river boat rides. So today we decided to go back to Chadwick's Restaurant that is very near to the Potomac River and off the tourist beaten path in Old Town. I much prefer the dining area with the skylights with a view of the river as opposed to the darkened bar area. Every five minutes a plane can be seen heading towards Reagan. This room basically is wedged in between two old buildings on either side. Either we weren't in the mood or the food was just okay, but there probably is a reason we haven't gone back lately. When we walked back to the car, we came across a cute lawn ornament that reminded me of us. I really love the architecture of the neighborhood, although I think this section of town is modern made to look like old. Whenever there is a lot of rain, this area always floods.  I'm not sure how people can stand it. It looks like that is the price you pay to live in these "charming" old neighborhoods. They definitely look irresistible when visiting but to really live in them is something else. 

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