Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eastern Market

We took a walk to our friend's house this afternoon. She lives a little past Eastern Market. When we arrived at her house, she wasn't there, so we sat on the porch for a few minutes admiring the view and the activity on the sidewalk in front of us. Then the mosquitos came out in full force. We left a message and went on our way. Returning back, we stopped by Eastern Market and checked out the flea market, and the other vendors. We haven't been inside the actual market for quite some time, and went through to admire the blowfish, the turkey legs, the meat, the beautiful flowers, and fruit. Whatever you need is here but we were not in need of any items today. It is always colorful, and crowded, and people all seem to be very up beat. We visited this place several times before we moved here. We never thought it would become just another part of our neighborhood. 

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