Monday, September 16, 2013

PetSmart Water Plant for Moby Dick

We used to go to PetSmart for big bags of dog food. But now we have a tiny little Betta fish. It feels like we go to the store just as much for him. Moby Dick likes to sit on water plants so he is just under the water line. The plant he had deteriorated over time and was in need of replacement. I really like the water plants typically available in the summer for outdoor ponds. But none if those are available now. So we picked one from the Topfin collection. Moby is a very curious fish and instantly began exploring his new seating arrangement. So far, so good. Even though Moby is very social and engaging, he is nothing like our Borzoi Tatiana. But I have to give him points for trying and he deserves to have a good seat. 

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