Sunday, September 15, 2013

Potomac Yard

While on errands this afternoon we needed to stop off at Pet Smart to pick up a water plant for the fish Moby Dick. Along Patrick Street leaving Old Town Alexandria is a huge new subdivision going up called Potomac Yard. When we stayed in Old Town for Christmas about fifteen years ago, this place was desolate. Now the new condos and townhouses are sprouting up so quickly, and getting occupied even quicker. The location is right next to Reagan Airport and right across the bridge from Washington. The condos start at $600,000 and the town homes at $800,000. There is something to be said about new construction, but I don't think I would want to live there or spend that much! But when we think about all the issues we have to deal with living in an 1890's building, it makes us wonder sometimes. But I would not be able to walk to work, and the neighborhood just isn't the same.  I guess it's all about finances, priorities, and location. I'm not sure what ours are sometimes. 

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