Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Library of Congress Book Festival Orange Bags

We have attended the Library of Congress book festival since we moved to DC.  I work at the Library so the event has even more of an appeal for us. What I find interesting is how far an wide the event can be noticed all over the city. Strapped to the shoulders of the attendees are bags filled with books signed by favorites authors, posters, and purchases. This year the signature color is orange, which will be stored and used along with our pink and turquoise bags from years past. We started seeing the orange by the Lincoln Memorial and Potomac River and then at Constitution Avenue by the construction site of the African American Smithsonian Museum. A sea of orange was obvious at the event itself on the Mall near the Washington Monument. All along the way towards the Capitol there was orange, and even more orange as we made our way back home to Capitol Hill, and up the escalator at the Capitol South Metro stop. We decided to take a short walk around the neighborhood and noticed more orange at the House Office Building and most fittingly at all three Library of Congress buildings... Jefferson, Madison, and Adams. The tired book lovers were taking a respite at all the outdoor eateries and the orange bags were everywhere. This is a well attended event, so much so that it is now a two day festival. I'm so very proud to be associated with the event, and have an orange bag to show for it. 

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