Sunday, September 1, 2013

Violin Players on the Mall

It is not at all unusual to see artists of all types playing various instruments at the metro stations. Apparently, Metro has contests for people to try out and win a coveted spot. A few of the artists are quite good, while the others are not. At Capitol South, I've seen and heard harps, and guitars with vocals when I walk home from work in the evening. So it was with some interest to see three youngsters playing their violins on the Mall near the Castle. It was a little unusual to see three rather than one, they were quite young, well groomed, and they looked very related. What was even more captivating was the backdrop.  For many reasons, it seemed a little out of place, but not really. They were sure enough standing at the Smithsonian Metro stop on top of the ventilation grating, and were perfectly in tune. There was money in the collection case, so several people apparently appreciated the effort. I have a feeling the parents were close by somewhere. It's hard to put my finger on it. I guess you just needed to be there to see the scene for yourself. There was something charming about it. 

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