Wednesday, November 6, 2013

President Barack Obama M&M's at Walter Reed

Our grandson stops by occasionally to share a story, and most recently, to show us his Halloween Sheriff outfit. Last night he dropped off a small box of M and M's. He simply said his Dad brought them home from work. It seemed odd that his father would bother with such a thing. We thanked him for stopping by and I looked at the box a little more carefully. On one side was an M and M holding a flag and on the other side was the Presidential seal. There were stars across the top and bottom and then I noticed a familiar signature beneath the seal. This prompted me to ask our daughter in law what the real story was behind this unusual M and M box. She said the President stopped by Walter Reed that afternoon and visited the ward where our son works, and that he has known about the plan for awhile. He can keep these kinds of secrets all the time. We probably would not have known or heard anything about it unless the M and M's showed up. Just another day in the life of a cardiac surgeon at Walter Reed, with an interesting way to let us know how his day went via messenger service. 


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