Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Gettysburg Address at The Library of Congress

On my afternoon walk at the Library of Congress I thought it was finally time to see the Gettysburg Address. Usually I walk the halls of the Madison Building where I work. But I instead made my way though the underground tunnel to the Jefferson Building where the Nicolay copy of the document would be on display in the Great Hall until the end of the month. Then it would move to the Civil War Exhibit elsewhere in the building. It was surrounded by a group of visitors and I was surprised that photos could be taken. Apparently the Library owns two of five versions of the address written by Abraham Lincoln. This one belonged to Nicolay, Lincoln's secretary and likely was the one used during the speech. I've heard the words many times, but to see them is inspiring. Not that it happens every day, but the Library is a great place to see and view pieces of our history - and all I have to do is take a short walk on an afternoon break. 

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