Friday, November 1, 2013

Torpedo Factory Old Town Alexandria

Our dear friends and neighbors from Wisconsin are visiting for the weekend so it is always an opportunity to explore different places. Because it was raining we needed to think of something indoors. The Archives was on the list, but was outvoted in favor of The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. First we stopped for lunch in Old Town and then walked over to the river front to see what was up. We have been to the Torpedo Factory a few times since we moved here. But for some reason everything looked fresher, brighter, and more interesting. It's three floors of artisans representing all different genres. The view from the upper levels overlooking the river were picturesque and a lovely place to have an art studio! There's also an archeological museum of sorts that shows working digs in process.   An older woman was brushing artifacts taken from someplace near the Masonic Temple. When we left, the sun came out. A sign for good things to come.  

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