Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Body Shop, Cravens Nursery, and McDonald's

It was a very strange weekend with many unexpected pleasant interruptions. Since I started working part time about a month ago, my Fridays and Mondays have not been mine! I really wanted to get a few annual flowers for the tiny garden. We tried getting them on Saturday and early Monday. Both attempts were aborted with requests for other obligations. We gladly complied. Yesterday we needed to drop someone off at the body shop in Fairfax just before rush hour. It was actually a less tedious ride than we thought it would be. On the way there I noticed Cravens nursery. We stopped there when we first moved to DC to buy a couple pots for the patio and haven't been back since. So we stopped on the way home and found some pretty items. We would be making a couple more trips for tomatoes and other annuals to replace the bulbs later on. Of course we also had to stop at the next McDonald's for a lemonade. We were both thirsty and the water bottle was dry. So I did actually accomplish what I intended in the most unexpected fashion, and had time enough to plant the flowers when we got home. Our other errand was unexpectedly canceled, and I really didn't mind. 

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