Monday, April 21, 2014


Most of our friends like to travel. We don't. And when we do, we always go to destinations where we know someone on the other end. Maybe that is why we feel the way we do because we have been to Iran, Denmark, England, and France. One of our nieces/family may be moving to Australia. We also have relatives in New England, Florida, and California and friends in Wisconsin, where we lived for thirty years. But we get to be a part of any trip our friends take. Either by postcard - we recently received one from Viet Nam - or by way of a souvenir. And so it was the case yesterday when we went out for dinner with a friend who just returned from Abudhabi. I would be very hard pressed to take a fourteen hour plane ride for just a few days visit. I am more inclined to watch the highlights on TV, and the pictures they take, from my comfortable living room sofa. But I am neither an adventurer nor an interested party. The yellow bag from Abudhabi says to have a nice stay, and the contents were Hazerbaba, a crispy almond treat, and a scarf of many colors. What I liked the most was the post card that was sent after the visit and postmarked from the Capitol City - Washington DC. We think it may have been purchased at the Sackler Gallery gift shop. It hardly matters because it is the thought that counts. Thanks so much for thinking of us!

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