Sunday, April 20, 2014

On the Lookout for Easter

Rather than go to the flower shop today for annuals, we decided to do that tomorrow because we are going out for dinner this evening. So in between that and now, we went for a Sunday Easter walk to the Mall. I was on the hunt for anything that resembled Easter, and surprisingly did not come across a whole lot. Yes, there was activity at the Tortilla Coast Brunch, an what appeared to be lingering cherry blossoms were in front of the Republican Club. Alongside the Cannon Office Building were more blooming trees in Easter colors, but didn't really represent Easter. We walked over to the Sculpture Garden. The fountain was on, but it was seemingly quiet around it. Then on the way back we took a gander at the Washington Monument, and it just looked like an idyllic scene from an impressionist painting - people lounging about, flying kites, resting, taking it easy. Nothing really Easter about that either, but it was all so peaceful and pretty with the seasonal temperatures. The Botanic Garden was coming to life with new sprouts. Only on the way back in to the neighborhood did we see a man in a suit, his wife, and two little girls dressed in Easter dresses with Easter baskets in their hands.  They were climbing in to a car either going home or visiting someone to get Easter treats to fill their empty baskets. But I think I liked the planter on the small patio garden in front of one of the townhouses. Not only did it have new plantings, but it also had a chocolate bunny hidden in the leaves.  If I didn't look hard enough I would have missed it. I have a feeling it won't stay there very long. Happy Easter!

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