Monday, April 14, 2014

The Birdhouse Rowhouse on Duddington

There is a very quaint street near our apartment called Duddington. You could call it a Yuppie Haven - that's what we heard when we first moved here. It is really authentically DC and quite picturesque. It reminds me of Celebration near Disney World in Florida except it represents a very different place and time period. Everything is perfectly coiffed and in order. We usually don't park our car this far away from our house, but had no choice this day. It gave us an opportunity to check out the neighborhood. One house on the corner takes up quite a large space, complete with a double decker balcony and patio space in the rear. Upon closer inspection, we came upon a birdhouse fashioned after the actual house. And there were a few occupants making it known to us that they were very happy with their abode. We used to have two bird houses in our Milwaukee home, and they always had occupants. What I like most about living here is that we still have most of the things we really enjoyed in the Midwest, except on a much smaller scale. 

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