Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Yellow Flower Vine Never Disappoints

Our little patio garden had nothing in it when we first moved here. In Milwaukee we had an acre of land and several vines that included roses in the front, hydrangeas in the back, and clematis on the side fence. Aside from those perennials, we had gardens and pots and window boxes. Planting season was a highlight, but it started in May. So we put in a yellow flower vine here and every year since it comes to life in a spectacular way this time of year. About three weeks ago the buds were becoming more noticeable. With the warmer weather they just seemed to explode overnight. Since our little patio is in the courtyard space of our building, everyone else gets to see it too. There is something pleasant and serene about flowering plants. I just wish it would stay warm enough outside so we could sit in the space and enjoy it. It feels more like Wisconsin here this year than any time before this. Fortunately for us, the plants know where they live. 

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