Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Typical Day in Front of The Supreme Court

We walk by the Supreme Court all the time. Sometimes it is completely empty except for the police presence. Other times there are protests with hundreds of people chanting about whatever subject matter is dear to their hearts. This day marked a special occasion for a couple who just got married. A photographer was capturing the event, and several people asked to take photos of the couple, and be included in a photo with the couple. The two bridesmaids accommodated. There was a single individual with a poster articulating his opinion in front of him on the corner with a couple of visitors stopping by to talk to him. A large school group was passing through to the left entry of the building for a tour. The working folks were meandering back and forth chatting on phones. It's a real mixture of activity that represents the city well - all taking place without any fuss or altercation regardless of your point of view. Just another day on Capitol Hill. 

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