Saturday, May 24, 2014

Georgetown Pike Slowest Driver - And We Are Stuck Behind It

We just finished having lunch at the Tavern in Great Falls and started on our way back to DC along Georgetown Pike. It is a very long and curvy road and one to enjoy as long as you can travel at the posted speed. Most of the way is one lane, so if you get stuck behind someone who is lost in space, it will take forever to reach the end because there are double yellow lines the whole way. In DC it doesn't seem to matter if you disobey general traffic rules, but in Virginia it's a little different. In Wisconsin, the traffic rules better be obeyed or you will definitely get pulled over. So as luck would have it, we got stuck behind someone who was definitely lost in space from Maryland, who had the brake lights on regardless if the road was flat, hilly, curvy, or slightly turning and obviously traveling way below the posted speed limit. We were betting if it was a man or a lady, old or young. We couldn't see a head above the neck rest, so assumed it was someone very short. We also noticed the very long line of cars behind us. I'm so glad I don't have to travel on such a road as this on a daily basis. When we finally reached two lanes and the freeway intersection, we looked to see the culprit. By the look of the picture it was still difficult to figure out who it was. We were just happy the car was in the left turn lane, because we were going straight ahead. 

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