Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, But the US Botanical Garden Did

Because it is a rather rainy and gloomy day today compared to the beautiful Memorial Day weekend we just experienced, it is a perfect time to showcase roses. We have one rose bush with single red petals in our small patio garden. In Milwaukee we had a rose vine that covered the front porch. A lot of bird nests were made in that delightfully covered space. Whenever we walk through the US Botanical garden on our way to or from home, the foliage and plants changes by the week. Most recently, the rose garden was in full bloom and was inundated with visitors taking pictures of the roses, themselves, and both. The bees were having a field day- so much so that they were hardly bothered by a camera phone that was three inches from them. So, on this rainy day one could say the flowers are grateful for the rain, but I know they appreciate the sunshine just as much. 

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