Friday, May 9, 2014

In Memory of Moby Dick

I have written about Moby Dick several times in my blog over the last three years. He was a tiny little Betta Fish that captured our hearts as soon as we got him. Whenever we went away, we made sure someone would be here to feed him, and later on transferred him to a smaller bowl so he could be carried over to our grandson's house to sit on their kitchen table and be entertained. He was constantly looking for our attention and danced whenever you waved at him from across the room. He looked stunning in the sunlight. His routine became our routine...It's been a week since we unexpectedly lost him and it has taken me this long to write about it. I keep looking in the corner of the room and there is nothing there. We've had two dogs and a Betta fish before Moby. It just doesn't get any easier anytime we lose one. Someone wrote this to me last week: "each and every precious creature has their own personality....we love them so. Moby Dick is making a big splash in fish Heaven this week. I can imagine the beautiful Betta swimming free in the Eternal flow...I am with you from the heart,"

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