Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jury Duty Moultrie Courthouse on Indiana Avenue

I got my summons about a month ago and was dreading going to serve on jury duty. It is an interruption no matter how you look at it. And it is the third time in less than eight years.  I arrived ahead of time, as usual. Since we live about a mile away it didn't take very long for my husband to drop me off. Some folks were having trouble figuring out how to get through the metal detector. I'm a pro now that I have to walk through one several times during the day where I work. So we waited and waited in the large lounge area... Then the orientation film was played. It was freezing cold in the place - my feet felt like ice cubes. Then the second batch of jurors started milling in around 1000... I'd like to know why I always get the 8 AM time period? The orientation film was played a second time. No calls were made for jurors until about 1100 AM. They let us out for lunch for an hour, and we returned at 2 PM. There would be no more calls for the day and we were free to leave at 2:45 PM. They told us then to expect to be back in two years. At least this time we learned we could print our proof of service letter from home rather than wait for the ATM. I did get to work on a couple cat portraits, so that was nice. And I got home earlier than expected, which was even better. I've never served on a jury, but certainly have been called to jury duty often enough since we moved here. We lived in Milwaukee for thirty years, and I was called one time. Maybe if I actually got an opportunity to be on the jury, I might even enjoy the experience. 

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