Sunday, May 4, 2014

Opera in the Outfield - Mozart's The Magic Flute

Our friend asked us last week if we might want to join her and a few others to see The Magic Flute. It was to be simulcast at the Nationals Stadium from Kennedy Center. When we first moved here, we saw an opera simulcast near the Washington Monument. Our first inclination was not to go because neither one of us likes opera that much. If it was raining it would definitely be ruled out.  When she asked us yesterday if we were definitely coming, we agreed. Since we had not gotten our usual walk in, it was a good excuse to walk over and back since the stadium is only a few blocks away. The outfield space was already occupied, so we went ahead to the first level along the third baseline with a good view of the scoreboard/screen in center field.  Of course we needed to have the usual trashy hot dog and chicken fingers with French fries. By the time we got back waiting in line we had missed the rainstorm that lasted long enough to wet the seats. Luckily we brought along the plastic chair covers from the patio so all was well. For a free event you really couldn't ask for a better evening affair. The sound was amazing for being outdoors. It felt like we were actually in the opera house when the lights went out in the second act. I found myself looking around more than paying attention, and noticed the flickering smart phone and gadget lights in the field. Two interesting tidbits from the evening: one of the friends of our friend was born in the hospital that I worked in Milwaukee...what are the odds? And at that same hospital I worked with the sister of Tom Hulce - the guy who played Amadeus in the movie. Would we go back again? I'm not sure, but it was a really nice evening. 

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