Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thanks DC Blogs

I've been writing a daily blog for over three years about moving from the Midwest to DC. You could say everything seems surreal when you move here and I couldn't help but notice the differences - and in rare instances - similarities. It takes a lot of commitment and creativity to think of something to say every day. I always check the stats to see which entries do better than others, and it is fascinating to see how far it is read all over the world. Whenever I notice an uptick in readership, I check DC Blogs to see if my blog was mentioned. Thanks once again DC Blogs for noticing today my entry from yesterday about the price of jury duty. I always follow up with a thank you note via twitter to DC Blogs for the mention. It's just plain etiquette, something I was taught to do as a youngster, and reminds me of the Midwest culture. 

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