Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Cat Fanciers

I really like dogs. We had a golden retriever - Natasha - for sixteen years and a beautiful borzoi - Tatiana - for eleven years. I also like to paint pet portraits on my iPad. They are hand drawn and the end product is a digital image that can be used in a variety of traditional and non traditional ways. This month I received more cat requests than dog requests. For whatever reason, two of my portraits got a lot of attention on my Etsy shop and each image reached over 1000 views in just twenty four hours. It's been fun painting the cats. They have the most beautiful eyes compared to the typical dog! Once the portraits are completed I always print, mat on foam board, and display the images at the Wagtime Shop on Capitol Hill across from the Navy Yard. But I also like to suggest to the customers that the images can also be used to create interesting canvas bags, ornaments, or iPad sleeves. The sky is the limit with digital art. If you asked me even five years ago about painting anything I would have laughed - even though I've been sketching since kindergarten. The iPad has enhanced my life, and this is one of the reasons why. 

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